An Alternative to ER Follow-Up Care

Welcome to The George Washington University Hospital Emergency Department's ConnectER Program, a new initiative designed to increase the quality of care and customer service for our Emergency Medicine patients. We are offering telemedicine appointments to select patients who have been discharged from the Emergency Department.

The ConnectER Program is not a substitute for emergency care. If you or someone else is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, immediately call 9-1-1.

We may advise you to return to a local Emergency Department if the physician or staff of the ConnectER Program feels it is in your best interest. We may recommend that you make an in-person physician appointment if the physician or staff feels that the medical attention you require is outside the scope of services provided by the ConnectER Program.

Why Make a ConnectER Appointment?

When you are seen in the Emergency Department, the physician may suggest that you see another doctor a few days later to check on how you are doing. Good examples of common follow-up requests are for rashes, stitches, infections, and muscle or joint injuries. In all of these cases the doctor may want you to be seen again a few days later to make sure that you are healing correctly, but taking time off for this visit can be expensive and inconvenient. The situation is compounded if you don’t have a doctor you regularly see or if you already waited for a very long time in the Emergency Department.  

The ConnectER Program is designed to provide an alternative option for patients who are asked to follow-up with a doctor after an emergency room visit.

Qualifications for a ConnectER Telemedicine Appointment

You must meet the following to qualify for the ConnectER Program:

You have been discharged from The GW Emergency Department within the past 15 days
You are a current patient of The GW Medical Faculty Associates
You currently live in the District of Columbia, Maryland or Virginia.

Benefits of ConnectER Telemedicine Appointments

Benefits of the ConnectER Program include the following:

  • Saves travel time and expenses
  • Convenient
  • Performed via video in the privacy and comfort of your own space at work or home
  • No waiting rooms
  • Quality patient care by an emergency medicine-trained physician