Our Patients are Living Proof

Learn why GW Hospital is the choice for high quality healthcare in Washington, DC and the surrounding area. Get to know some of our patients and their compelling stories. They are living proof of the excellent care they received at GW Hospital.

Claudia Acosta

Claudia was 20 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with colon cancer. The doctors at GW Hospital treated her cancer and helped her deliver a healthy baby girl.

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Bonita Bell

Bonita had a large blood clot in her lungs (pulmonary embolism). Doctors placed her on an ECMO machine and removed large volumes of clot from her arteries.

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Testimonials, GW University Hospital, Washington, DCAdanech Biratu

Adanech had liver cancer. Surgeons at GW Hospital performed an advanced procedure called ALPPS, and Adanech is now cancer free.

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Joseph Brooks

Joseph Brooks had rotator cuff surgery at GW Hospital. He received advanced pain management, and after a few months was back to bowling again and doing the things he loves.

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Ron Byrd

Ron had minimally invasive surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. Now, he feels as though he has a new shoulder.

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Taylor Winkleman Cagle

Taylor tore two ligaments and two tendons while performing in the circus. She had surgery and physical therapy at the Sports Medicine Program at GW Hospital, and now she's back to doing what she loves.

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Janet Campbell

Janet was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. She's grateful that she chose GW Cancer Center for her treatment because they were there for her from day one.

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Danielle Collins

Danielle was diagnosed with a rare brain condition. Neurosurgeons used virtual reality to help save her life.

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Testimonials, GW University Hospital, Washington, DCDolorce Ferrell

Dolorce had a sleeve gastrectomy at the GW Weight Loss and Surgery Center, and now she's better able to keep up with her two young and energetic children.

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Jeffrey Gray

Jeffrey is a prostate cancer survivor, thanks to the minimally invasive surgery he received from urology specialist Michael J. Whalen, MD, at the GW Cancer Center.

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Lamika Hines

Lamika had a history of miscarriage and high-risk pregnancies. Her obstetrician at GW was there to support her every step of the way to the successful, natural delivery of her youngest child.

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Joel Hinzman

Joel was diagnosed with stage four oral cancer. After participating in a clinical study at GW Cancer Center, he is now cancer free.

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Javon Layne

Javon needed to take immediate action or he was going to die from obesity. Two days after Javon's weight-loss surgery, he lost 70 pounds.

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Testimonials, GW University Hospital, Washington, DCAmeirah Neal

Ameirah had breast augmentation and facial feminization surgery at GW Hospital, and she's now living her authentic life.

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Jeffrey Richardson

When Jeffrey suddenly became ill, he decided to go to GW Hospital. Doctors diagnosed Jeffrey with congestive heart failure and helped save his life.

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Danis Sanchez

Danis started having epileptic seizures in middle school. After having surgery at GW Hospital, he is now seizure free.

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Paul Smith

Paul Smith was sick and needed a kidney transplant. His friend, Jafau Delane, and the transplant team at GW Hospital came to the rescue. Paul now lives a normal, healthy, happy life.

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Tatiana Umana

Tatiana was so overweight she was not able to be active with her son. The GW Weight Loss and Surgery Center gave her direction and hope.

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Testimonials, GW University Hospital, Washington, DCRichard Weiss

Richard had lumbar spinal stenosis, so he had the Superion® implant done at GW Hospital. Today he's pain to enjoying his everyday activities without pain.

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Joy West

Joy West had stage three vocal cord cancer. She was treated at the GW Cancer Center and is now cancer free. Hear her inspiring story.

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Francis Wilson

At just 29 years old, Francis Wilson never thought he would be fighting for his life. In this interview, he's reunited with the team that helped him beat COVID-19.

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Taneea Yarborough

Taneea Yarborough needed an LVAD to help keep her heart going while she waits for a heart transplant. The team at GW helped her adapt and keep her busy life moving forward. 

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