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Maternity services at GW Hospital

Whether you are just thinking about pregnancy, trying to conceive or are preparing for delivery, you can count on the maternity services at the George Washington University Hospital to provide you personalized attention and family-centered care. 

Throughout your pregnancy, the team of OB/GYNs at GW Hospital will listen and respect your choices regarding the birth of your baby — whether you wish to have a natural childbirth, are considering vaginal birth after a cesarean delivery or want the option of having an epidural or other type of pain management during the process.

Our OB/GYNs support the decisions of moms-to-be make, and as a result, many moms support the maternity services at GW Hospital. 

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Maternity Preregistration

Follow this two-step guide to successfully preregister for childbirth at GW Hospital and save you time on the day of your delivery.


Obstetrics and Newborn Services

Offering a comprehensive range of quality care for women of all ages.


Fertility and IVF

Fertility and IVF Services are provided by The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates.


Midwifery Services

For women seeking natural, unmedicated childbirth, the Midwifery Services at GW Hospital offer the best of both worlds—natural childbirth with a certified nurse midwife in a hospital environment.


Podcast: How to Choose the Best Birth Plan for You and Your Family

Nancy D. Gaba, MD, FACOG, and Whitney Pinger, CNM, FACNM, discuss the importance of preparing for childbirth with a solid birth plan in place.

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Childbirth and Parenting Classes

Find out what classes and community resources are available to parents.

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Take a Free Prenatal Tour of the Women's Center

Whether you’re already expecting, or are planning an addition to your family, you can take a free tour of the Women's Center at GW Hospital.