There are many ways you can support The George Washington University Hospital. Thank you for considering a contribution or donating your time.


As a for-profit hospital, we are able to accept donations. However, due to federal tax laws, you are not able to take a tax deduction for your donation. You may wish to consider donating to one of the following organizations if you would like a tax deduction:

Support the Discovery Fund

You can help support research and education at the GW University School of Medicine and Health Sciences by donating to their Discovery Fund. The Discovery Fund helps us:

  • Heal patients using the most advanced technologies and modalities
  • Discover new knowledge in medical science
  • Teach the next generation of healthcare professionals
  • Serve our neighboring communities in Washington, D.C.

Make an online donation to the Discovery Fund →

Support Scholarships, Student Professional Enrichment and More

In addition to the Discovery Fund, there are a variety of ways you can support the GW University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. These tax-deductible contributions can support:

  • The Annual Fund
  • Student scholarships
  • Student professional enrichment
  • Adopt-A-Doc scholarship
  • White coat initiatives

Learn more about each of these and how to donate →

George Washington University Hospital Women's Board, Inc.

Contributions and donations may be made to The George Washington University Hospital Women's Board, Inc. Founded in 1898, the Women's Board has a rich history of volunteerism and philanthropy. Over the years, it has dedicated its efforts to programs and services for improving the hospital experience for patients, their families and friends. Gifts of appreciation or memorials of any amount will be gratefully acknowledged to the donor, family and the one so honored.

Make a donation to The George Washington University Hospital Women's Board →


GW Hospital has a volunteer program with a variety of opportunities for those who would like to donate their time. Visit our Volunteering page to see a list of positions and how to apply.

Learn more about volunteering →