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When it comes to surgery, the team at the George Washington University Hospital is ready to use the most advanced tools and techniques that make procedures more precise and recovery easier for patients.

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Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery

Surgeons at GW Hospital are recognized for performing and developing sophisticated minimally invasive surgical techniques that are revolutionizing surgery. To best meet the varied surgical needs of patients, they can perform minimally invasive procedures in a range of treatment areas including urology, colorectal, neurosurgery, oncology, thoracic, heart and vascular, ear, nose and throat and allergy, orthopedics and OB/GYN.

When traditional surgery was used in the past, patients spent several days in the hospital with weeks of recovery and large scars. Minimally invasive procedures enable surgeons to operate through small, pencil-sized incisions using lasers, laprascopes or endoscopes (thin, lighted tubes) so patients experience fewer complications, smaller scars, shorter hospital stays and faster recoveries. 

Even with minimally invasive procedures, surgeons can have difficulty accessing desired areas of the body at times and their range of motions may be limited because of the techniques used. Robotic surgery, which uses 3D rotation and magnification tools, solves these issues by giving surgeons greater access to confined spaces of the body.

GW Hospital was the first in the region to offer patients robotic surgery procedures using the sophisticated da Vinci Surgical System. GW Hospital has one of the largest robotic thoracic programs in the world and one of the region’s largest robotic prostate cancer programs. In addition, the Robotic Colorectal Program has earned the distinction of being named a Colorectal Epicenter.

Special Areas of Surgery

The surgical staff at GW Hospital has the experience and knowledge to perform procedures to treat the simplest to the most complex diseases. The surgeons at GW Hospital are recognized nationally and internationally for their surgical knowledge and offer the most comprehensive care for the treatment of digestive disease in the national capital area. In particular, surgeons at GW Hospital excel in the following areas:

Inpatient and Outpatient Surgery

Depending on your condition and type of procedure, you will be admitted to the hospital for inpatient surgery or your operation will be performed at the Surgery Center at GW Hospital, where you can have surgery and leave the same day. 


While inpatient surgeries require a stay at the hospital, medical professionals at GW Hospital work to make sure patients have a comfortable hospital stay and quick recovery by quality medical care.

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Outpatient surgery is the preferred alternative for many patients and their surgeons. The Surgery Center at The George Washington University Hospital is one of the most respected private outpatient surgery centers in the Washington metropolitan area. Patients typically spend five to six hours at the center and can usually return home to recuperate in the comfort of their own home.

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