The GW Surgery Center

Outpatient surgery is now the preferred alternative for many patients and their surgeons and is a practical choice when your surgery can be planned in advance with your physician. However, because of the complexity of some procedures and the follow up care required, some surgeries can only be performed on an inpatient basis

Preparing for Outpatient Surgery

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When you choose the Surgery Center at the George Washington University Hospital, you’ll take comfort in knowing that you are being cared for by one of the most respected outpatient surgery centers in the Washington metropolitan area. Almost any surgical procedure not requiring an overnight stay can be performed on an outpatient basis. Some advantages of outpatient surgery include: 

  • Small, highly-specialized setting
  • Personalized care and convenience
  • Streamlined registration
  • More efficient, with fewer delays
  • Patients return home the very same day
  • Fully-equipped surgical suites
  • Staff is specially trained to care for the in and out surgical patient.

A Convenient Surgical Experience

Located just three blocks away from GW Hospital, The GW Surgery Center combines a wealth of surgical expertise, a dedicated team of specialists and fully-equipped facilities to offer you the very best care. Each of our operating suites is larger than a standard operating room and offer surgeons quality equipment to perform well. The facility also has a preoperative unit and a postanesthesia care unit. 

Because we are a private facility, where only planned surgery is performed, your time at the surgery center moves quickly. Typically, patients arrive one to two hours before surgery. The surgery itself takes one to two hours, and patients spend one hour in recovery. Then, patients can usually return home to recuperate in the comfort of their own home.

The GW Surgery Center also makes the process easy for family members during outpatient surgical procedure. If you are dropped off before surgery, our staff will call your family member when you are out of surgery to provide them with the time they should come to pick you up. Should your family decide to wait during the procedure, our waiting area is comfortably equipped with reading materials as well as cable TV.


The GW Surgery Center
2120 L Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037