Health News Magazine Spring 2020 GW University Hospital, Washington, DC

Health News Magazine Spring 2020

Health News from George Washington University Hospital is a publication designed to bring you the latest news as well as health and wellness information you can use throughout the year.

In This Issue:
Antoinette Brosset portrait image
Spring 2020

Cancer Knocked on Her Door a Second Time

In 2017, Antoinette Brosset tackled breast cancer with specialized care from her medical team at the GW Hospital Cancer Center. When she received a colorectal cancer diagnosis in 2018, her GW team was there for her again, every step of the way.
Fate, Hope and a Second Chance at Life
Spring 2020

Fate, Hope and a Second Chance at Life

Bonita Bell had a 3 percent chance of surviving, until a new heart technology saved the day.
Two women hugging in front of doctor
Spring 2020

An Innovative Approach to Pain

“We were treating the opioid crisis before the opioid crisis existed.” – Paul Dangerfield, MD
Speaking Up For Opioid Alternatives, GW University Hospital, Washington, DC
Spring 2020

Speaking up for Opioid Alternatives

Matt Mika was at a baseball practice in preparation for the annual Congressional Baseball Game the next day when a gunman opened fire. “For as bad as the shooting was, everything that’s happened after has been a miracle.”
Family sitting together and smiling
Spring 2020

Mission Possible: How She Overcame Pancreatic Cancer

It was a challenging turn of events that brought Paulina Romo Leroux to GW Hospital for specialty cancer care. Several months of testing found that she had a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor.
Arlene Bright
Spring 2020

Speaking up About Pelvic Floor Disorders

Arlene Bright talks about the silent epidemic in women – and reclaims her quality of life.
Woman holding her stomach in pain
Spring 2020

Ask the Doctor: Minimally Invasive Surgery for Endometriosis And Fibroids

For many women, problems such as abnormal uterine bleeding, fibroids and endometriosis can be disruptive and painful. When surgery is considered, minimally invasive techniques can offer an alternative to open procedures.