Radiation Oncology at GW Hospital

The GW Radiation Oncology Center provides advanced diagnostic and medical treatment for cancer patients who come from both near and far. Our dedicated and supportive staff provides every patient with personalized world-class medical care, and our highly-advanced medical technology allows physicians to employ many of the latest medical treatment techniques, such as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, Image-Guided Radiation Therapy and RapidArc™ Image Guided IMRT, to treat your disease.

Program Features

The GW Radiation Oncology Center offers:

  • Treatment schedules that best meet your needs
  • A spacious, welcoming environment so you feel comfortable and at ease
  • Advanced medical diagnostic equipment for optimal precision, speed and convenience
  • Patient navigators to help you through the treatment process. Learn more about patient navigators
  • Interpreter services for patients needing language assistance 
  • Nutritional support to help patients maintain a healthier lifestyle during treatment

Advanced Medical Technology Lets Us Provide Advanced Care

At the GW Radiation Oncology Center, our advanced imaging and radiosurgery technology allows our staff to employ many of the latest techniques to diagnose and treat cancer.

The GE Optima CT580 W is high-resolution computerized tomography (CT) imaging system that features:

  • High clarity scanning with exceptional quality that provides physicians with more detailed images
  • Quick operation, which makes exams more comfortable and reduces the chance of patient motion that can ruin an image
  • An advanced table design that allows patients to be scanned clearly from head to toe
  • An environment suited for patients of all sizes, including larger patients weighing up to 650 pounds

The TrueBeam™ STx system from Varian Medical Systems is one of the most advanced radiosurgery technologies available for treating cancer. It gives doctors the ability to provide quick, powerful, non-invasive cancer treatments that offer:

  • Pinpoint accuracy and precision for treating cancers in any area of the body
  • Quicker delivery for more comfortable treatments
  • The ability to deliver a prescribed dose of radiation from any angle thanks to the system's rotation around the patient
  • Real-time imaging tools that allow clinicians to “see” the tumor they are about to treat
  • Closed-circuit television systems that allow therapists to monitor the patient at all times

TrueBeam STx system

GW Radiation Oncology Center

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