The George Washington University Hospital offers aquatic therapy as an alternative form of rehabilitation aimed at improving strength and flexibility while decreasing stress and pressure on the joints. Water can support exercise movement that may otherwise be too painful.

To contact the Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, please call 202-715-5655.

Aquatic therapy frequently benefits post-surgical patients and individuals diagnosed with:

  • Arthritis
  • Persistent pain
  • Multiple Sclerosis

The maximum benefits of aquatic therapy are experienced in those who continue the exercises on a long-term basis. For this reason, we have designed the program to be a comprehensive exercise routine targeting multiple systems and joints. We offer participants six sessions, two times per week for three weeks, in a group setting to practice and modify exercises. Following completion of the program, resources are offered to allow independent program participation at a chosen local pool. Individuals interested in the program must schedule an appointment with the physical therapy department first.