Special arrival: New camera technology helps keep parents and newborns close

September 19, 2018
GW Health News Special arrival: New camera technology helps keep parents and newborns close

Mohamed A. Mohamed, MD, director of the newborn servicesGW Hospital now offers NicView™ technology in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to help parents stay connected with their babies 24/7. With NicView, small cameras are placed near the infant’s bed, allowing parents to see their babies in real time from their smartphones and computers. Log-in credentials are provided for access to a secure portal that can be shared with other loved ones.

Mohamed A. Mohamed, MD, director of the newborn services division, says the cameras are part of a “bigger picture” aimed at keeping moms and babies together from the moment of birth to encourage bonding and promote healthy starts. This has traditionally been more challenging for families in the NICU, and the cameras have helped fill a need, he says.

Andrea Payne and Scott McNichols were among the first parents to use the hospital’s NICU cameras when their baby girl, Sage, was born 11 weeks early and required specialized care. “Although we knew she was in good hands, it helped ease our minds to be able to see her,” says Andrea. “Any time I was feeling overwhelmed, especially at night preparing milk to take to the hospital, I could go on NicView.”

Andrea says that she and Scott chose to have their baby at GW Hospital because of the “collaborative care” model, which combines midwifery support with comprehensive hospital and OB care. Especially for new parents who want to start building strong connections with their baby right away, the NicView cameras can provide an amazing asset, say board-certified nurse midwives Hannah MacIntyre and Michelle Clausen. Keeping moms and families involved can set families up for success and support better outcomes, they say.

Andrea says she and Scott never expected to need the NICU, but when a pregnancy complication arose, it was reassuring to have the full support and resources of their collaborative GW Hospital team behind them. Their baby girl is now home with them, Andrea says, and is “doing great.”

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