Admission Criteria

  • You must have a physical impairment or medical complication that limits your mobility, self-care, activities of daily living, cognitive function, communication and perceptual motor functions
  • You must be able to make functional progress within a reasonable amount of time
  • You must require the intervention of two therapeutic disciplines and be able to tolerate at least three hours of therapy per day, a minimum of five days per week
  • Your functional impairment must be of recent onset or progression / exacerbation
  • You must be medically stable and require 24-hour rehabilitation nursing care
  • If you have insurance other than Medicare Part A, you may have to meet additional criteria

Patients are not eligible for the rehab program who:

  • Are under 18 years of age
  • Are ventilator dependent
  • Have a spinal cord injury above C4
  • Have a brain injury with Rancho Level 3 or below
  • Require specialized burn management
  • Have no feasible discharge plan

Discharge Criteria

  • You have achieved your goals and no longer need a hospital level of rehabilitation
  • You have plateaued and have shown no significant progress over the course of one week
  • You have become medically unstable and require a transfer to a higher level of care
  • You refuse to cooperate with the plan of care or behave in a manner that jeopardizes your safety or the safety of other patients and staff
  • You refuse to participate in the program for three days