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The Interventional & Therapeutic Neuroradiology Center offers specialized diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for patients with complex aneurysms, richly vascularized brain tumors and many other neurological conditions. 

In collaboration with members of the Skull Base Surgery and Neuro-Oncology Centers, the neuroradiological staff uses carotid occlusion testing to determine which patients can safely tolerate temporary occlusion during surgery for aneurysms and tumors. They also perform embolization of tumors and arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) as a precursor to many neurosurgical treatments.

The neuroradiological staff works also with members of the Spine and Pain Center, performing procedures to strengthen vertebral bodies weakened by tumors or osteoporosis, needle biopsies of spinal tumors and nerve injections and placement of epidural stimulators to treat patients with chronic pain. For Epilepsy Center patients, the staff uses amytal suppression (Wada) testing to better define functional areas of the brain. They also collaborate with the Stroke & Cerebrovascular Center's Brain Attack Team to treat acute stroke patients using thrombolytic therapies.