A Team Effort Saves the Life of a Local Baseball Fan

February 03, 2017
A Team Effort Saves the Life of a Local Baseball Fan

On June 30, 2016, Michael Landrum was sitting in the stands at Nationals Park watching his home team, the Washington Nationals, play baseball. Suddenly, he slumped over in his seat. Family members and bystanders rushed to start CPR while others called 9-1-1. “The last thing I remember was seeing squiggly lines,” says Michael.

The stadium’s security team witnessed the event on their monitors and dispatched on-staff emergency medical technicians (EMTs) within seconds. Using an automated external defibrillator (AED), they revived Michael. Washington D.C. Fire and EMS Department Captain Derek Weinroth, NRP, and his team arrived with advanced life support equipment. “On our way to the George Washington University Hospital, he went into cardiac arrest again, and we revived and stabilized him,” says Derek.

Michael states he was awake when he arrived at the hospital and briefly saw his wife and son before he was taken in to the cardiac catheterization lab. “There was a flurry of activity, and even though I was sedated, I could tell the doctors knew what they were doing to treat me as quick as possible,” says Michael.

Interventional Cardiologist Ramesh Mazhari, MD, was ready for Michael when he arrived at the hospital. “We performed a coronary angiogram,” says Dr. Mazhari. “We found a blockage and placed a stent. If we didn’t make that repair, it’s possible he could have another cardiac event. His outcome was excellent because he was resuscitated quickly at the stadium,” she says.

One of Michael’s doctors, Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist Allen Solomon, MD, specializes in arrhythmias. “The chances of surviving this type of cardiac event are about five percent. By the time he arrived at the hospital, he was in good shape considering what he experienced because he received immediate medical attention,” says Dr. Solomon. “Michael has a history of atrial fibrillation, and as a result of the cardiac arrest, we inserted a defibrillator,” says Dr. Solomon.

Michael says he returned to Nationals Park and met with the emergency staff there, as well as members of the Washington DC Fire and EMS, to thank them for saving his life. “I am so grateful to everyone who had a part in saving my life. Their security cameras captured what happened, so they were able to send help quickly. And the team who took me to the hospital, they kept me alive. You can tell they love what they do,” says Michael. Adds EMS Captain Derek Weinroth, things could not have gone better for Michael. “It was a perfect combination of help. His was a miraculous outcome!”

Recalling the treatment he received at GW Hospital, Michael says this hospital is different. “The quality of care, professionalism - everyone was just amazing. The doctors and the nurses are truly compassionate in the way they cared for me,” says Michael. “They all have amazing gifts, and I am thankful they were able to find what caused my heart attack and fix it. If you are looking for the best doctors and nurses, they are right here at GW Hospital!”

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