When your physician decides you are ready to leave the hospital, he/she will write an order for your discharge. Discharge times generally occur between 11 am and 1 pm. Physicians may discharge earlier or later pending required information and proper medical clearance. The discharge process begins when your physician informs you that you will be discharged and writes the actual order. Actual discharge and final approval to leave the hospital does not occur until the nurse completes the documentation, provides you with any additional education that you need, removes all IV lines and equipment and offers you an escort to the entrance of the hospital.

As the hospital admits and discharges many patients every day, your room will be assigned to another patient shortly after you leave. If you find that you may be delayed, please tell your nurse as early in the day as possible so that other arrangements can be made for newly admitted patients.

In preparation for discharge, the staff will work with you to prepare for your return home. For your continued recovery be sure to discuss your discharge instructions and medications with your doctor or nurse. You will receive instructions about follow-up care, such as diet, medications, level of activity and follow-up appointments with your physician. Please be sure to ask about any concerns you may have.