Building on our commitment to the community

August 19, 2019
New hospital room and nurse station photos

These recent projects show how GW Hospital continues to build on our commitment to the community:

#1: Sixth floor expansion complete

A brand-new patient area for trauma and neurosciences services has been constructed in a vacated space on the sixth floor of the hospital. The newly completed 32,000 square foot unit includes 42 all-private rooms with freshly installed equipment and furniture, along with space to add intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI) technology to support patients needing neurological treatment and other specialized services (see related story below). Modern finishes and a streamlined design support high-level care in a restful, healing environment, with more beds to better serve the growing needs of the community. The project is part of an ongoing patient care expansion initiative.

#2: Slated to arrive in 2020: Intraoperative MRI

Plans are moving ahead at GW Hospital to acquire intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI) technology that will support physicians in performing complex brain surgeries and other procedures. The iMRI uses a magnetic field and radio waves to create highly detailed images, allowing doctors to see how the brain is responding in real time to minimally invasive treatment for brain tumors, epilepsy and other neurological conditions. It can also be used to capture images of other organs and tissues in the body, enabling greater precision for specialized treatment. The iMRI will be located on the recently expanded sixth floor, next to the Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit.

#3: Major rehab expansion underway

GW Hospital’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Center located at 2131 K Street has begun a 10,000-square-foot expansion that will double the footprint of the department, expand services and improve access to care. Significant investments are being made in the neurological physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology programming. Also, orthopedic physical therapy programs will expand. The many advanced technological additions to the new space will include a body-weight supported overhead track system to enhance gait training. Stay tuned for updates on this project, planned for completion in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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