A GW Hospital patient shares her life-changing experiences

July 14, 2016
Elena Corcoran saw her hip pain end after surgery at GW Hospital

Pain in her hips was constant for gymnast Elena Corcoran.

She was in the middle of her sophomore year at the George Washington University and deep into competition season. She tried all kinds of therapies; even cortisone shots. Nothing changed until the defining moment she met Scott Faucett, MD, MS, Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, and a hip and knee sports medicine surgeon at GW Hospital.

Dr. Faucett identified several problems in Elena’s hips. She had impingement, where extra bone had created lesions that were preventing the ball and socket from moving smoothly. Elena also had a torn labrum (cartilage along the rim of the hip socket), and she had a tendon snapping out of its groove in the pelvic bone.

Three days after finishing her gymnastics season on March 22, 2014, and in “major pain,” Elena was admitted to GW Hospital. Dr. Faucett performed surgery on her right hip, the most serious of the two. He removed the lesion, repaired the labrum and released the tendon by lengthening so that it could move more easily.

“I loved Dr. Faucett,” says Elena. “I’ve seen a lot of doctors, and he is one of the best.”

After physical therapy, Elena was “fully functional” by September, and she went on to win numerous awards during her last two years of competition, including the team’s  rst East Atlantic Gymnastic League Championship.

Dr. Faucett explains that success is the result of an entire team of specialists, including surgeons, physical therapists, radiologists and nurses. “These patients are very active, doing what they love. You can’t just say, ‘stop doing it,’” says Dr. Faucett. “Being able to get them back to a high level of activity – especially with the speed at which they move – is a testament to the procedure and the team’s understanding of the conditions.”