Do you pay a stipend for relocating? Do you assist with housing?

Relocation expenses are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please discuss your circumstances with one of our recruiters. Housing assistance is not available.

Do you pay for tuition?

Program 1: Allows for reimbursement for tuition expenses directly related to job responsibilities or part of curriculum requirements for a degree in a job-related field at any accredited university up to a $3,000 year maximum.

Program 2: Provides 100 percent of tuition costs to the George Washington University. Employees must apply and then be selected for this benefit. Employees are selected based on the job readiness, job enhancement and courses of study that further the mission and business goals of the Hospital.

Are nursing students allowed to apply for positions? If so, what kind?

Nursing students who have completed a med/surg clinical rotation can apply for the position of Patient Care Technician year round.

Does George Washington University Hospital run a nursing school?

No, but the George Washington University does have a School of Nursing (

Is your internship program only for the employees of the facility?

Applicants to the program may come from anywhere. Once accepted, the nursing interns are employees of the hospital during the course of their internship.

Are internships open to both LPN nurses and RN nurses?

Only the RN or Graduate Nurses can apply. 

Do you hire Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners? If so, where do I find the job postings?

Here at the George Washington University Hospital, we have many Advanced Practitioners (APs). These include nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs). We strongly value our APs and consider them important members of our team.

Learn more and apply to our hospital-based NP and PA positions through GW Medical Faculty Associates.

I am a RN wanting to do some travel. Does your hospital offer short-term contracts for nurses on a per diem basis?

We are fortunate to have a regular pool of nurses who work with the hospital on a per diem basis and do not need to hire traveling nurses.

Do you sponsor qualified nurses who received their education in the USA for green cards?


Do you currently sponsor foreign nurses?