Top Docs 2012

GW Hospital congratulates members of the active medical staff named Top Doctors for 2012 in Washingtonian Magazine!












Daniel Ein, MD
Richard Nicklas, MD
Janine Van Lancker, MD


Joshua Ammerman, MD
Matthew Ammerman, MD
Anthony Caputy, MD
Frederic Schwartz, MD

Breast Cancer Surgery       

Anita McSwain, MD
Christine Teal, MD


Susanne Bathgate, MD
Alan Birnkrant, MD
Robert Russell Bridges, MD
Maurice Butler, MD
Malcolm DeSouza, MD
Nancy Gaba, MD
Jennifer Keller, MD
John Larsen, Jr., MD
Charles Macri, MD
David Powers, MD
James Robinson, MD
Julian Safran, MD

Cardiac Surgery      

Richard Jonas, MD (Pediatric)
Frederick Lough, MD
Farzad Najam, MD


Ari Fishman, MD
Rebecca Kaltman, MD
Bruce Kressel, MD
Robert Siegel, MD
Imad Tabbara, MD


Susan K. Bennett, MD
George Bren, MD
Brian Choi, MD
Jack Flyer, MD
Richard Katz, MD
Robert Marshall, MD
Marco Mercader, MD
Jonathan Reiner, MD
Joel Rosenberg, MD
Allen Solomon, MD
Alan Wasserman, MD


David Belyea, MD
Craig Geist, MD
Sanjeev Grewal, MD
Mohammed Jaafar, MD (Pediatric)

Cardiology (Interventional)        

Jack Flyer, MD
Ramesh Mazhari, MD
Jonathan Reiner, MD
Joel Rosenberg, MD

Orthopaedic Surgery        

Craig Faulks, MD
Kenneth Fine, MD
Andrew Holmes, MD
James Grater, MD
Panos Labropoulos, MD
David Lutton, MD
Warren Yu, MD*  

*also Top Doc for Spine Surgery

Colon and Rectal Surgery        

Vincent Obias, MD


Steven Bielamowicz, MD
Arjun Joshi, MD
Nader Sadeghi, MD
Ameet Singh, MD
Thomas Troost, MD
Philip Zapanta, MD


Alison Ehrlich, MD
Karla Gayer, MD

Pain Management        

May L. Chin, MD
Mehul Desai, MD


Suzanne Adler, MD
Joshua Cohen, MD
Michael Irwig, MD
Ace Lipson, MD
Mark Sklar, MD

Pediatrics (Newborn Services)        

Ziad Idriss, MD
Amy Pullman, MD

Family Practice        

Elliot Aleskow, MD
Bryan Arling, MD
April Barbour, MD
Sharon Baratz, MD
Jehan El-Bayoumi, MD
Brad Moore, MD

Plastic Surgery        

Joanne Lenert, MD
Steven Macht, MD
Michael Olding, MD


Mohammed Aamir Ali, MD
Charles Abrams, MD
Michael Albert, MD
Marie Borum, MD
James Frank, MD
Dominique Howard, MD
Sands Irani, MD
Donald O’Kieffe, MD
Antoinette Saddler, MD


Jeffrey Akman, MD
Julia Frank, MD
James Griffith, MD
Daniel Lieberman, MD

General Surgery        

Bruce Abell, MD
Fredrick Brody, MD
Stanley Knoll, MD
Juliet Lee, MD
Paul Lin, MD
Khashayar Vaziri, MD 





Jalil Ahari, MD
Byron Cooper, MD
Morgan Delaney, MD
David Gross, MD
Guillermo Gutierrez, MD
Susan Hasselquist, MD
Vivek Jain, MD
Gary H. Miller, MD
Joel Taubin, MD 





Elizabeth Cobbs, MD
Robert Jayes, MD
Christina Puchalski, MD
Katalin Roth, MD 




Radiation Oncology        

Martin Ojong-Ntui, MD
Ashima Saini, MD

Gynecologic Oncology        

Mildred Chernofsky, MD

Rehabilitation Medicine        

Philip Marion, MD

Hand Surgery        

Richard Barth, MD
David Moss, MD
Robert J. Neviaser, MD 




Rodolfo Curiel, MD
Shari Diamond, MD
James D. Katz, MD
Joseph Laukaitis, MD
Russell Rothenberg, MD
Patience White, MD
David Wolfe, MD

Infectious Disease        

David Parenti, MD
Afsoon Roberts, MD
Marc Siegel, MD
Gary L. Simon, MD
Carmelita Tuazon, MD

Spine Surgery        

Warren Yu, MD


Maurice Butler, MD
Molina Dayal, MD
David Frankfurter, MD
Paul Gindoff, MD
Safa Rifka, MD
Preston Sacks, MD

Sports Medicine        

Kenneth Fine, MD
Rajeev Pandarinath, MD

Internal Medicine        

Elliot Aleskow, MD
Bryan Arling, MD
Linda Assatourians, MD
April Barbour, MD
Jillian Catalanotti, MD
Lucy Chang, MD
Jehan El-Bayoumi, MD
Andrea Flory, MD
Chy Hyun Kim, MD
Prudence Kline, MD
Gary Koritzinsky, MD
Andrew T. Lee, MD
Ace Lipson, MD
Matthew Mintz, MD
Brad Moore, MD
Michael Newman, MD
David Patterson, MD
Alan Pocinki, MD
Paul Silver, MD
David Simon, MD
Alan W. Stone, MD
Jack Summer, MD

Thoracic Surgery        

Gregory Trachiotis, MD

Interventional Radiology        

Wayne Olan, MD
Shawn Sarin, MD
Anthony Venbrux, MD


Jason Engel, MD
Harold Frazier, MD
Thomas Jarrett, MD
John Losee, MD
Michael H. Phillips, MD
Hrant Semerjian, MD
Paul Shin, MD
Tiffany Sotelo, MD


Violet Habwe, MD
Susie Lew, MD
Jeremy Marcus, MD
Samir Patel, MD
Dominic Raj, MD

Vascular Surgery        

Subodh Arora, MD
Joseph C. Babrowicz Jr., MD
Richard F. Neville, MD
Anton Sidawy, MD


Kathleen Burger, DO
Henry Kaminski, MD
Samuel Potolicchio, MD
Perry Richardson, MD



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